NCTUE® - National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange
Disclosure reports provide consumers information contained in their data report.

Notice to Colorado Residents:

Under Colorado law, you may have received a letter detailing activity on your consumer file maintained with NCTUE, a national credit reporting agency. Instructions detailing how to obtain a disclosure copy of your consumer file are also included in the letter.

Pursuant to the Colorado Consumer Credit Reporting Act (C.R.S. 5-18-106), a consumer reporting agency shall notify a consumer, by letter sent by first-class mail, that the consumer reporting agency will provide the consumer with a disclosure copy of his or her consumer file at no charge and a toll-free telephone number to call to request such copy, when one of the following events occurs within a twelve-month period:

  1. The consumer reporting agency has received eight (8) credit inquiries pertaining to the consumer, or
  2. The consumer reporting agency has received a report that would add negative information to a consumer's file

Each consumer reporting agency shall, upon request of a consumer, provide the consumer with one disclosure copy of his or her file per year at no charge. If the consumer requests more than one disclosure copy of his or her file per year, the consumer reporting agency may charge the consumer up to eight dollars for each additional disclosure copy.

Customer Service Number: 1-877-657-9006