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Disclosure reports provide consumers information contained in their data report.

NCTUE hopes you and your families are staying safe during this time. As the economic impact of this crisis affects consumers, we have made reporting changes to ensure that increasing delinquency account statuses are not reflected on consumer reports, file disclosures or similar products. Reporting changes started May 1, 2020, are retroactive to March 13, 2020, and will be in effect until the end of the COVID-19 covered period, as defined in the CARES Act. 

At a summary level:


NCTUE Data furnishers will report consumers’ information in the following manner (the “COVID Reporting Changes”):

(i) if the consumer credit obligation or account is current, report the credit obligation or account as current for the duration of the crisis period.

(ii) if the consumer credit obligation or account was delinquent before the beginning of the covered period,

(a) maintain the existing delinquent status during the covered period;

(b) if the consumer improves the account delinquent status, the improved delinquent status should be reported up to, and including, bringing the credit obligation or account current during the covered period.

(iii) At the end of the covered period accounts and payments status will be recorded as reported by the NCTUE Services providers.

Please note, this change in reporting shall not apply with respect to a credit obligation or account of a consumer that has been reported as charged-off, non-pay, never pay, bankruptcy and fraud by an NCTUE Member.

We encourage you to visit for many additional relevant reporting details and policies.

For any additional questions regarding NCTUE’s actions related to COVID-19, please call Alan Moore, NCTUE Executive Director,972-518-0019 .


Update - May 1: Equifax Customer Care Centers

NCTUE’S Dispute and Disclosure processes are provided through the Exchange Service Center maintained by Equifax under contract with NCTUE.   Due to the evolving Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, Equifax has closed some of their Consumer Care facilities, which includes the Exchange Service Center, and which has resulted in longer than normal hold times. Please accept apologies on their behalf. The Call Center hours have been changed to 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

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