NCTUE® - National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange

NCTUE® members report Customer Service Applications (CSA's) to the database within 30 days of account origination. All payment data submitted by an NCTUE member remains the property of that member. Should a member withdraw from NCTUE, the data submitted by it will be removed from the database and returned to the member.

A member submitting a CSA that matches a UCA (Unpaid Closed Account) will receive a "match" report containing all the information in the UCA record with the exception of the name of the member that submitted the UCA record. This information can be used to identify higher-risk consumer applicants, to customize credit and collections strategy and to serve as an objective methodology for assessing deposits. The database automatically matches and reports on information received subsequent to account provisioning for six months.

Skip Report

Members also receive a Skip Report when UCA's that they submit match CSA's in the system. The member that submitted the CSA record is not identified in the Skip Report unless the CSA was submitted by the same member receiving the Skip Report. NCTUE enhances collection and recovery processes by reporting new address and telephone information on defaulted accounts for 24 months.

Additional Services

Online Inquiry is available to members at the time of provisioning to determine whether a prospective customer has defaulted on an account with another member prior to service.

Reverse Append is an optional tool that returns a name and address when a phone number is submitted.

Suppression Tool allows members to screen marketing lists. Those consumers who have Unpaid Closed Accounts in the database can be deleted from the list prior to the commencement of marketing efforts, saving the member time and money.