NCTUE® - National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange

Telecommunications, pay TV and utility companies write off billions of dollars in bad debt each year. To reduce this financial risk, proactive industry leaders have collaborated to form a national exchange, NCTUE®, whose members directly benefit from identifying high-risk consumers during the account acquisition process.

With over 420 million records in the database, NCTUE is the premier, industry-specific data source for accurately assessing new applicant risk. NCTUE allows members to screen new consumers for customer service applications and unpaid closed accounts to decrease write-offs and improve profitability.

By joining NCTUE, members can:

  • Identify whether or not a new applicant has outstanding, unpaid balances resulting in unpaid closed accounts from other member companies
  • Gain insight into fraudulent new applications containing duplicate or invalid Social Security numbers
  • Access unique, industry-specific data sources to accurately determine deposits
  • Access updated address information from other members to greatly improve skip tracing and collections results
  • Receive management reports to view aging of unpaid closed accounts, payment profiles, account reviews, activity analysis and more

Although results vary, members may see a potential 25% lift in loss mitigation by joining NCTUE. Members also receive updates with new phone numbers and address information for a high percentage of their outstanding, unpaid closed accounts.

Other benefits and value-added services

  • Skip tracing automatically triggers alerts to members when previously submitted unpaid closed accounts match new customer service applications in the database
  • All members receive technical and user support, including a dedicated toll-free customer service number for consumer adverse action
  • The configurable search-match logic is unique to your business or region for improved results
  • Data exchange can be accomplished online or via batch process
  • All data is shared blindly between members
  • Data usage is governed by the NCTUE Board